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  • Why does my status say Not Started even though I have reviewed the course? [Top]

    Itís most likely that there some settings in your browser that are interfering with the correct tracking of your activity on our system.  Please go to the link below which will bring up a Help document of all of the problems we currently know about that will interfere with our system.  Please try taking the browser test at the bottom of the page and see if it pinpoints anything.  If so, try to correct the problem by following the suggestions in the Help document and do the Browser Test again.  If youíre STILL having trouble, itís important that you run the Browser Test again and let us know the results.  We need to know if you can launch a test module from the Browser Test screen and also we need to see the results that show up on the Browser Test screen Ė a screen capture is great if you can get one.  Here is the link to the Browser Issues Help page:


  • Iíve forgotten my password. What do I do? [Top]
    Contact with the name of your course and the approximate date you purchased the course. Also, if the course was purchased under a name different than your own (i.e. not your own credit card), please let us know the credit card holders name.

  • How do I get a password? [Top]

    You will receive your password after your transaction has been approved by your bank, at the end of the e-commerce process. Please make sure to print out the page with your password information or carefully write down and keep your password in a handy place.

  • How do I sign in? [Top]
    Generally, you sign in from the same page you started your purchase, by entering your password in the password box and clicking Go. Click on the My Content tab to access the course. After your purchase you will receive a conformation e-mail with a reminder of where to sign in. If you are still unsure, contact us at

  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet to take the course? [Top]
    Yes. We sell online courses that can only be taken while connected to the Internet. If your connection breaks while you are signed into the course, it will automatically sign you out of the platform and you must sign in again.

  • Do pop-up blockers cause problems? [Top]
    Yes they create HUGE problems. These blockers prevent pop-up windows from opening which we require for our courses and assessments.  You must disable ALL pop-up blockers - ie ensure your browser allows pop-ups.

  • What are the minimum requirements for my PC in order to take a course?  [Top]
    VUBIZ courses are optimized to run on Windows based computers and must be connected to the internet with...
    • Internet Explorer 6 or later (default configuration)
    • pop-up blockers disabled !!
    • Pentium class computer
    • 300+ MHz processor
    • 128 MB RAM
    • SVGA monitor capable of at least 16-bit color and 1024 x 768 screen resolution
    • Sound card with speakers or headphones (some content contains multimedia)
    • Adobe Flash 10 Player or later / Shockwave Player. Both players are downloadable for FREE.
    • DSL or Cable access recommended

  • Can I use my Mac (or other computers)? [Top]

    Newer MAC computers with a recent version of the Firefox browser will perform well. Older systems and the use of other MAC browsers are not supported.
  • I got a message saying I have timed out. What is happening? [Top]
    To save valuable server resources our service will disconnect ("Time-out") if left unattended for 20 minutes. This means you will need to sign in again to resume your learning.

  • I got a timeout but I just entered the site. What is happening? [Top]

    Whenever the service can't communicate properly with your browser it will disconnect ("Time Out").  Here is a detailed list of why your browser cannot connect properly with the Vubiz service:

    • You left the service unattended for 20 minutes or more.
    • You have set your browser security settings too tight.  The default settings are normally perfect to run the Vubiz service.  If you (or your organization) has tightened them you may not be able to connect to Vubiz.  These browser settings are in "Tools/Internet Options/Security" (may vary with different versions).
    • You clicked your "Back button" on your browser at the wrong spot.  It's best to NEVER use your browser back button!
    • You have your "cookies" disabled on your browser.  Ensure you set your browser to enable cookies.
    • You accessed Vubiz within a "pseudo" browser, such as Outlook.  To access Vubiz you must open the Internet Explorer browser and access our service from there.  Pseudo browsers do not maintain connectivity with servers.
    • You right clicked on a link within the site which will open that page in a new window.  This is a No-No - never right click on a link as the service needs all the component frames to work properly.
    • You launched the site from an invalid bookmark.  You must start the service at the beginning where you signed in - you cannot bookmark the service and start from there.

  • Iím still having problems and I havenít left my computer or clicked the back button. [Top]
    If you are still having difficulties then contact our technical team at with this information:

    • Your platform (PC, Mac)
    • Your operating system (Windows 2000, Windows XP, OSX, etc)
    • Your browser and browser version
    • (IE: internet explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.1 etc)
    • Your connection type (cable, DSL, modem etc)
    • Your network type (Home? Behind an office router?)

  • What is your refund policy? [Top]
    No refunds will be processed unless there is a technical issue that we cannot resolve that prevents a Learner from effectively studying the course. Refund requests must be received within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  • How long do I have access to my courseware? [Top]
    You have access for the number of days listed under Duration in the Catalogue, starting the day you purchase the course.

  • What is your privacy policy? [Top]

    Our privacy policy can be accessed from our home page or by clicking here.

  • Can I extending access to a course I purchase? [Top]

    We do not extend access to course except under unusual circumstances. If you feel that you have exceptional reasons why you think your access should be extended past the time youíre purchased, send an e-mail outlining these reasons to Helen Eggleston, Director Customer Services

  • Why is the course asking for Shockwave/Flash? [Top]

    Most of our courses require the Flash Player (or the Shockwave Player).   These allow us to offer animation and other advanced features to enhance the learning experience.  They are available for free from the Adobe website at (Download Players).

  • The e-commerce sale didn't seem to complete properly.  What can I do? [Top]

    The final step of the e-commerce transaction is to click a button called "Click here to complete the sale". Clicking this button sets up your access and gives you the password to the course you just paid for. If you believe that there was an error or if you failed to click this button your access will have to be manually set up. Please send an e-mail to letting us know that your sale wasnít completed as well as a copy of your receipt. Your access with then be set-up manually. Please allow a 48 hours turn around for a manual set-up.

  • The exams are confusing.  Can you help? [Top]

    All exams have precise starting instructions that are important for you to read.  Our exams are all multiple choice questions taken in groups of 5 questions, called "banks". When you have finished a bank you can logout and return later to continue at the next bank.  Ie, if you are taking and exam and complete the first two banks (or 10 questions) and then click next to go to the page between bank pages and then sign off, when you next sign in to take the exam, your previous answers have been stored and you will start at question 11, or the 3rd bank of questions. 

    Here is a copy of the exam instructions:
    • this exam consists of XX questions;
    • you require XX% to pass and be granted an online certificate;
    • if you do not get XX% on the first pass, you can try again X times;
    • if you still do not pass, you cannot take this exam again;
    • the exam presents a bank of 5 questions with no time limit;
    • once a bank is presented you must answer all 5 questions;
      between banks, you may exit the exam to review content or simply sign off;
    • when you  the exam you will be positioned at the next bank;
    • upon successful completion of this exam you will be able to print out a copy of your certificate on your local printer - keep this certificate for your reference;
    • all activities are logged - please do not try to "trick" the system;

    If you have any problems please contact detailing the issue.  Remember to include the site youíre taking the course through and the name of the course/examination.

  • I'm having a problem print my Certificate.  Can you help? [Top]

    You may have difficulties seeing or printing the certificate if you have a pop-up blocker enabled on your computer.  Please ensure you have all pop-up blocker disabled. If you think you have disabled your pop-up blocker or donít think you have one on your computer and are still having problems please contact detailing the issue.  Remember to include the site youíre taking the course through and the name of the course/examination.

  • I have lost my receipt/certificate.  Can you help? [Top]

    To request a receipt e-mail your name, the date you purchased, which program you purchased as well as through which site you purchased your program to and our support team will reply with your receipt by e-mail.  You can re-print your certificate by logging into the site and clicking on the Examination link. If you have already passed the exam, your certificate will appear when clicking on this link.

  • I am a government employee.  Can I get my GST back? [Top]

    If you are a government employee and the course is therefore GST free we can refund the GST payment. Please send an e-mail to with a copy of the payment receipt and your GST exempt number and your GST will be refunded.

  • How do I disable pop-up blockers? [Top]

    If the Browser Test (top link on this page) results indicate that you have a pop-up blocker problem, ensure that you have turned off ALL pop-up blockers (sometimes called banner or ad blockers) on your computer then run the Browser Test again to see if any are still causing problems.

    Where do pop-up blockers come from?  Very often, they are part of customized toolbars that Web companies such as Google, Yahoo! and AOL allow you to download and install in your browser.  You may not even be aware that you have a pop-up blocker running on one of these toolbars.   The pop-up blocker may appear as a button on the toolbar that can be turned on and off by clicking on the button.  If the button allows you to "Allow all pop-ups from", then do so.  If a button does not appear on the toolbar, you may be able to disable it by opening your browser, click on View, Toolbars; click on Web Features; click on the name of the toolbar you wish to disable.

    You may have more than one source of pop-up blockers.  The Web browser Internet Explorer itself and most security and/or virus software programs also contain pop-up blockers and they must all be turned off.  Ensure that you have turned off ALL pop-up blockers then run the Browser Test again to see if any are still causing problems.

    How are pop-up blockers turned off?   This will vary according to the source of the pop-up blocker.

    You can turn off the pop-up blocker embedded in your browser (Internet Explorer, in this example) under the Tools menu.   For more information regarding turning off pop-up blockers from different sources, please click on the hyperlinks below for specific information on each: 

  • I've paid for my course, where's my password? [Top]

    Your password will not be e-mailed to you.  You should received you password at the end of the purchase process.  f you did not see your password, you may not have properly completed the purchase process.  Please send an e-mail to letting us know that your sale wasnít completed as well as a copy of your receipt. Your access with then be set-up manually.  Please allow a 48 hours turn around for a manual set-up.